eSOL Signs Unimax Information Systems as Value Added Distributor for Korea's Growing IT Market
--Another exciting strategic step to enhance market penetration in the global embedded market--

TOKYO, July 21, 2003 -- eSOL Co.,Ltd., a leading provider of embedded software and services, today announced that a distribution agreement has been completed with Unimax Information Systems, a leading embedded tool supplier and integrator in South Korea.

Under the agreement, Unimax will represent eSOL and promote, sell and support eSOL's embedded software products including eParts, an embedded software suite and eBinder, an integrated development environment. Unimax will also promote eSOL's engineering consultation services and development tool chain solutions.

"The Korean market is strategically important for us, and I am very pleased to have Unimax as our distributor there," said Nobuyuki Bob Ueyama, eSOL's Executive Director of the Embedded Products Division. "Korea is a nation with a very advanced and rapidly growing IT industry that attracts a number of manufacturers. The rapid cycle of engineering innovation in the IT segment makes it very challenging for vendors like us to offer our solutions with quality service. Unimax will provide a well balanced combination of technical expertise and commercial capability, thus achieving our mutual goal of 100% satisfaction for our customers in Korea."

"Unimax will bring a number of opportunities to extend eSOL business with its Pr-series including eParts and eBinder in Korea", said Mr. Young Choi, President and CEO of Unimax. "Unimax has technical expertise to meet especially digital multimedia market such as next generation portable media products to promote eSOL's embedded software solutions with Unimax's powerful engineering support in Korea. We're very pleased to acquire eSOL's distributorship. We're ready to do," he continued.

About eBinder

eBinder provides a custom integrated development environment for embedded systems. By providing a suite of essential development tools and software components, eBinder can effectively and efficiently shorten development cycles for complex embedded software applications, while keeping costs affordable. eBinder consists of an RTOS suite, compiler toolchain, system analysis tool, remote debugger with JTAG and kernel awareness, and an evaluation board for quick prototyping. Optionally available at extra cost are a target simulator and an object-oriented software component generator. In addition, eBinder supports leading high-end embedded processors including ARM, MIPS and SuperH architectures.

About eSOL

Founded in 1975, eSOL is the leading provider of total engineering solutions, advanced development tools and software components. eSOL's development technologies build off its eBinder and eParts line of software products that enable engineers and designers to develop high-performance devices easily. eParts includes software "parts", ranging from a µITRON-specification RTOS and a TCP/IP protocol stack to a web browser for embedded systems. Please visit eSOL's website at for more information.

About Unimax

Founded in 1991, Unimax is the leading company to supply embedded software, hardware and services in Korea. Unimax provides embedded total solution that is RTOS, IDE including debugger, compiler, and JTAG Emulator for embedded systems developer to enable time to market. Unimax has been excellent distributionship with owned powerful engineering service in the embedded system market for past twelve years. For more information, please visit Unimax's website at

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