eSOL Forms Strategic Partnership
with MoreThanIP to Offer a Versatile TCP/IP Solution
for Altera's Nios II Soft Core Processor

-- Full Integration with MorethanIP's 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet MAC IP Accelerates System Throughput for Network Applications--

Portland, Oregon – March 18, 2005 – eSOL, a proven developer of real-time embedded software solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Germany-based MorethanIP. eSOL has released its leading TCP/IP protocol stack, PrCONNECT2®, which is fully integrated with MorethanIP's 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet MAC IP on Altera's Nios II® soft-core embedded processor. PrCONNECT2 is an embedded TCP/IP protocol stack supporting a wide range of Internet protocols and includes an Ethernet device driver specifically for the on-board Ethernet controller on Altera's development boards.

In September of 2004, eSOL also announced the release of its Real Time Operating System (RTOS), PrKERNEL®v4 for Nios II®, with tight and seamless integration with the Nios II integrated development environment and the hardware abstraction layer from Altera. The use of the PrKERNELv4 RTOS simplifies development of complicated network equipment by providing a robust, full-featured, and easy to use RTOS at the core of the system.

"This is our ongoing effort and commitment to respond to increasing demand for efficient and flexible networking solutions for FPGA-based systems," said Tomoyuki Uda, managing director at eSOL, Inc. "Pre-integrated building block technology, no matter whether it consists purely of software libraries or of hardware IP, is what developers are truly looking for. Our robust PrKERNELv4 kernel and PrCONNECT2 TCP/IP stack along with MorethanIP's highly optimized Ethernet MAC IP provide a flexible and robust yet affordable solution for Nios II based network equipment."

"Integration of processors within FPGAs enables the creation of highly integrated and efficient embedded communication systems," said Daniel Koehler, engineering director at MorethanIP. "Combining MorethanIPs Triple-Speed Ethernet MAC core with the PrKERNELv4 embedded RTOS and PrCONNECT2 TCP/IP networking provides a complete solution for creation of high performance and reliable Ethernet networking systems. MorethanIP's modular Ethernet Interface solutions allow for flexible system layouts and provide a robust network interface. The combination of MorethanIP's Ethernet solutions and eSOL's comprehensive software infrastructure provide a robust platform that reduces risk and development time for product developers."

Pricing and Availability

The 10/100/1000 Mbps MAC IP for PrCONNECT2 is now available from MorethanIP.

About eSOL

eSOL develops, markets and sells Real Time Operating System (RTOS) suites and integrated development environments for leading 32-bit embedded microprocessors and microcontrollers. Founded in 1975 in Tokyo, Japan with offices nationwide, a subsidiary in the United States, and distribution through a worldwide network, eSOL is the leading provider of total engineering solutions, advanced development tools and real time software for embedded systems. From its foundation, the company has served diverse industries in the embedded systems arena, from industrial automation to consumer electronics, and licensed software to hundreds of customers. Over the years, the company has earned market credibility and is seen as experts in the embedded solutions arena. The company's motto is "e"nabling, "e"mbedded, and "e"ngineering SOLutions.

About MorethanIP

MorethanIP was founded 2000 as a GmbH (Ltd.) in Munich, Germany and is an IP and design house concentrating on high-speed communications and embedded system technologies. This includes design specification and implementation of standard products, system architectures, and customer-specific solutions. For more information on the company and its products, please visit the company's website at

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