eSOL Introduces Integrated NAND Flash Solutions using Samsung's XSR Technology

-- One-stop Software Solutions for Samsung NAND Flash Devices Meet Rapidly Increasing Need for Design Simplicity in Consumer Electronics --

Portland, Oregon - October 25, 2005 - eSOL, an established developer of real-time embedded software solutions, today announced that it signed an agreement with Samsung Electronics to offer one-stop software solutions for Samsung's NAND Flash memory products for the digital camera and cellular markets.

Under terms of the agreement, eSOL will customize Samsung's eXtended Sector Remapper (XSR) technology and offer it along with technical support and professional services, making Samsung's proven Flash management technology accessible to more embedded developers. XSR is a Flash translation layer that sits between an OS/file system and the Samsung NAND flash memory. It provides block-device functionality to the OS and the file system, so NAND Flash will function similar to a hard disk drive, while providing the benefits of solid state reliability, reduced power consumption and increased performance.

eSOLs XSR software transparently manages the NAND flash, including wear-leveling algorithms, bad block management, sector translation and an interface to the low-level NAND driver.

The combination of the XSR and PrFILE2, eSOL's enhanced FAT file system for multimedia applications, is well-suited to digital consumer electronics such as digital cameras and cellular phones that are being designed with large amounts of NAND Flash memory for data storage.

"eSOL is known as the primary RTOS and software vendor for digital consumer electronics. This partnership with Samsung will enable us to offer its leading NAND Flash solutions to our top-tier consumer electronics manufacturers, which produce world-class, digital products and services," said Tomoyuki Uda, managing director at eSOL, Inc.

"We are very pleased to have eSOL as a strategic ally," said Jon Kang, senior vice president, technical marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "They have the engineering expertise to satisfy the increasing market preference for easy NAND design integration, which allows us to bring our cutting-edge technology to many more consumer electronics producers."


eSOL's XSR driver for PrFILE2 will be available in December, 2005. The XSR development license starts at $2,000.

About eSOL

eSOL is a leading embedded software developer with core technologies in real time operating system suites and integrated development environments for leading 32-/64-bit embedded processors. With many years of participation in a wide range of RTOS standards such as ITRON and T-Kernel, eSOL solutions offer proven RTOS suites and a rich set of middleware and drivers, as well as rugged development tools to support the complex development process for RTOS-based applications. Thousands of products in the consumer electronics and industrial automation industries worldwide use eSOLtechnologies.