eSOL Ports Macromedia Flash Player to Nexperia semiconductor system solution

-- Flash Player brings more dynamic multimedia capabilities to PNX1500 --

Portland, Oregon - November 4, 2005 - eSOL, a proven developer of real-time embedded software solutions and member of the Philips Nexperia Home Partner Program, today announced the release of Macromedia Flash Player SDK ver.6.0 for the Nexperia PNX1500 family of media processors from Philips.

eSOL is a Macromedia-authorized Flash Player distributor for embedded applications, and also offers complete Flash professional development services. eSOL has acquired the rights to sub-license Flash Player SDK ver6.0 and Flash Lite from Macromedia.

The Flash Player solution for PNX1500 family consists of Flash Player ver6.0 and includes direct drop-in support for the Nexperia Personal Media Player, the production-ready reference design for home and portable multimedia entertainment systems. Developers will get a binary Flash Player library fully integrated with the software development environment from Philips. This means no porting is required and developers can start creating Flash Player content right away.

"Flash Player is becoming a required component for many of today's multimedia players as consumers demand more advanced content and user interfaces. The combination of the Flash Player and Nexperia media processor is the answer to these demands. We are proud to offer tomorrow's technology to Nexperia customers today." said Tomoyuki Uda, managing director at eSOL, Inc.

"The combination of the Macromedia Flash player from eSOL, together with Philips' Nexperia Media Player reference design, brings a complete solution to the market with a user experience that is both flexible and can be updated easily, also by the customer himself." said Chris Day, General Manager, Media Processing, Philips Semiconductor. "We are pleased to partner with eSOL to offer this world-class entertainment solution"


Flash Player SDK ver 6.0 is now available for PNX1500 starting at $30,000.

About eSOL

eSOL is a leading embedded software developer with core technologies in real time operating system suites and integrated development environments for leading 32-/64-bit embedded processors. With many years of participation in a wide range of RTOS standards such as ITRON and T-Kernel, our solutions offer not only proven RTOS suites, but also a rich set of middleware and drivers as well as rugged development tools to support the complex development process for RTOS-based applications. Today, thousands of products from consumer electronics to industrial automation that incorporate our technology are being sold worldwide.