eSOL releases Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) integrated with Windows Media Digital Rights Management ver. 10 for Consumer Digital Appliances

-- Transferring multimedia data between portable devices and Windows PCs
just became easy and convenient --

Portland, Oregon - April 13, 2006 - eSOL, a proven developer of real-time embedded software solutions, today announced the release of PrMTP™. MTP, short for "Media Transfer Protocol" defined by Microsoft Corporation, is a multimedia file transfer protocol which provides seamless and more convenient data transfer between portable devices (such as cellular phones, portable media players and digital still cameras) and Windows PCs without installing any additional software on the PC.

MTP supports bi-directional transmission for a variety of media data between portable devices and Windows PCs. MTP is supported as a standard feature in Windows XP (and future versions of Windows) and can be used in conjunction with Windows Media Player 10 from Microsoft. Portable devices that support MTP can benefit by not only transferring data, but automatically synchronizing multimedia data between devices and Windows PCs without providing additional software and drivers on PCs. Moreover, MTP supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) 10, so that the distribution of copyrighted multimedia files can be better managed.

PrMTP follows the standard MTP specifications and also is integrated with DRM 10. In the current release of PrMTP, USB connectivity is supported between PrMTP-enabled devices and Windows PCs. Development for TCP/IP and wireless LAN support is under way so that more devices, such as non-portable audio/visual equipment or a car entertainment system may interact with other devices or PCs using MTP.

"Recently, we see more and more portable devices being sold in the consumer marketplace, yet we find most of them are very stand-alone from data transfer and copy-protection standpoint. The adoption of MTP, especially with PrMTP, will facilitate multimedia data transfer without developing proprietary software and making the best use of desktop Windows PCs." said Tomoyuki Uda, managing director at eSOL, Inc. "In addition, eSOL offers not only the software and development environment necessary for portable devices, but also customer-centric technical support and professional services to help shorten time-to-market for our customers." he continued.


PrMTP is available now, and sold in source code format without royalty fees. For more information, please contact eSOL.

About eSOL

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