--New RTOS enables increased levels of real-time control and software flexibility for ARM MPCore multiprocessor designs --

TOKYO, JAPAN AND CAMBRIDGE, UK - Sept. 7, 2006 - eSOL Co., Ltd. and ARM [(LSE: ARM; (Nasdaq: ARMHY)], today announced the eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition real-time operating system (RTOS) coupled with eBinder integrated tools for enhanced multiprocessor solutions, which optimize ARM11™ MPCore™ multicore processor designs in the automotive, mobile, enterprise and embedded markets.

Taking advantage of the capability of the ARM11 MPCore multicore processor to support simultaneously both symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP), the eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition support two scheduling modes, True SMP Mode (TSM) and Single Processor Mode (SPM) that provide software developers with a blended multiprocessor RTOS. This provides software developers both the scalability and high throughput efficiency of SMP, with the more deterministic and real-time characteristics of AMP within a single tightly-coupled multiprocessor solution supporting POSIX 1003.1. 2003, T-Kernel/OS/SM/DS functions and T-Kernel Standard Extension APIs.

"eSOL customers are eager to reap the benefits of the high performance and low power capabilities of the ARM11 MPCore processor," said Masaki Gondo, Director of Engineering, Embedded Product Business Unit, eSOL. "By working closely with ARM, our eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition RTOS and integrated eBinder tools deliver a complete end-to-end software development environment for multiprocessor designs based on the ARM11 MPCore multiprocessor."

The eT-Kernel's blended single image multiprocessor kernel provides full reuse of existing code for both AMP- and SMP-targeted applications. Complete task interworking is via regular OS communication and synchronization mechanisms allowing existing single processor designs to migrate and operate seamlessly, using the coherent cache control and accelerated communication available on the ARM11 MPCore multicore processor.

"The eSOL RTOS brings more choice to developers wanting both the convenience of symmetric multiprocessor scalability combined with the more predicable nature of asymmetric forms of multiprocessing," said John Goodacre, program manager, Multiprocessing, ARM. "Additionally, eBinder's use of ARM RealView® compiler technology provides solutions with up to 30 percent reduction in memory cost compared with applications compiled using open source tools." The ARM11 MPCore processor provides a scalable solution that enables portability of existing software across both single-CPU and multi-CPU designs. Compared with the competing multi-threaded processors, the dual-core ARM11 MPCore processor offers more performance and greater power efficiency, with simpler and more predictable throughput for threaded software. ARM is now the most widely chosen architecture in the embedded system world, offering comprehensive support through the ARM Connected Community, which enables designers to easily access all of the resources they need for ARM Powered® system design.


The eT-Kernel and eBinder for the ARM11 MPCore multiprocessor will be available during the forth quarter of 2006. For more product information, please visit us at

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