eSOL Releases Complete RTOS and Development Tool Suites for TI's New DaVinci™ Technology for Digital Still Cameras

--Seamless integration with TI's Digital Still Camera Reference Design gives
ODMs and OEMs competitive edge --

Portland, Oregon - October 4, 2006 - eSOL, a proven developer of real-time embedded software solutions, today announced that its flagship development tool suites, eBinder, and Real Time Operating System (RTOS) Suite, eParts, are now available for Texas Instruments Incorporated's (TI) new production-ready digital camera reference design based on DaVinci™ technology.

Original design manufacturers (ODMs) and original equipments manufacturers (OEMs) can jump start core development and boost the efficiency of their development cycle, resulting in a much shorter design-to-production period. The eParts RTOS Suites include PrKERNELv4 µITRON compliant multitasking kernel, PrFILE2 FAT file system and PrUSB/Device USB peripheral driver, coupled with the dedicated eBinder integrated development tools. In particular, eBinder brings insightful snapshots of the RTOS to help both firmware and application engineers easily identify glitches in their application programs and low-level drivers, increasing overall productivity of the project.

The digital media processor and reference design based on DaVinci technology, revealed by TI on September 28, 2006, offers an increase in the core and advanced features to design digital cameras as low as $99. Additionally, the flexible software pipeline enables ODMs and OEMs the ability to easily and efficiently incorporate features that truly differentiates them from competitors.

"We are very proud to be a part of this winning collaboration with TI, with whom eSOL has sustained very positive business and engineering involvements over the past years," said Tomoyuki Uda, managing director at eSOL, Inc. "We believe that world class OEMs and ODMs will benefit, on both engineering and commercial aspects, from our leading and proven solutions."

"RTOS and development tools are important components of today's consumer electronics products, including digital cameras," said Marcelo Vieira, general manager, digital camera solutions group, TI. "We are very pleased to be able to leverage eSOL's expertise and offer a complete software platform to our ODM and OEM customers."

As a TI Authorized Software Provider, eSOL also provides customers with licensing and complete support of TI's digital media software, which includes production-tested encoders, decoders and other algorithms. With the software and support offering, customers can focus their design efforts on product differentiation rather than software porting and debugging.


eBinder and eParts for TI's new digital media processor are now available.

About eSOL

eSOL is a leading embedded software developer with core technologies in real time operating system suites and integrated development environments for leading 32-/64-bit embedded processors. With many years of participation in a wide range of RTOS standards such as µITRON and T-Kernel, our solutions offer not only proven RTOS suites, but also a rich set of middleware and drivers as well as rugged development tools to support the complex development process for RTOS-based applications. Today, thousands of products from consumer electronics to industrial automation that incorporate our technology are being sold worldwide.


DaVinci is a trademark of Texas Instruments.