New "Scamo": Personal Handy Scanner from Riso Kagaku Corp. Selects eSOL Co. Ltd Products to Support Direct Printing and more

Tokyo, Japan. May 7 2007 - eSOL Co., Ltd. announced today that their software products have been selected for the new, handy, color image scanner called "Scamo" and "Scamo Beam", developed by RisoVec Corporation. The eSOL products selected are PictDirect SDK for PictBridge, PrKERNELv4 µITRON4.0 compliant Real-Time Operating System, PrFILE2 FAT file system, and PrUSB/Device USB device stack.

PictDirect supports features which allow direct printing of images to a PictBridge-enabled printer that is connected to a "Scamo", via USB connection, without using a PC. PrFILE2 provides file system management functions for the SD memory card and other media, while the PrUSB/Device offers connection functions for USB host devices such as the printer and PC. PrKERNELv4 provides an overall system management function for the "Scamo", including task management, memory management, and real-time processing.

The "Scamo" is a handy-type scanner that allows the user to scan virtually any object up to postcard size. To scan an object, the user places the "Scamo" on top of the object, looks at the object through the finder, and then scans it. Scanned images can be printed directly to any PictBridge compliant printer with pre-defined frames, or can be transferred to a PC via USB or SD memory card. Using a "Scamo" and any one of 10-types of pre-installed layouts, one can make original postcards, stickers and even name cards. The "Scamo Beam" allows users to send scanned images to a mobile phone via infrared communication.

For more details about the "Scamo", please visit the Riso Kagaku Corporation website

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