eSOL Releases USB Host Driver and Protocols for TI's DaVinci™ Technology Processors

Tokyo, Japan - Aug 31, 2007 - eSOL, a leading developer of real-time embedded software solutions, announced today that its leading USB host driver and class, the PrUSB/Host, is now available for two system-on-chip (SoC) digital media processors, which are based on Texas Instruments Incorporated's (TI) DaVinci™ technology, including the TMS320DM644x devices.

Universal Serial Bus, (USB) has been established as a de facto standard for PC and workstation host connectivity to consumer electronics, such as digital cameras and MP3 player peripherals. PrUSB/Host allows the consumer electronics to act as a host, enabling them to connect to other devices with USB peripheral functions without using a PC/workstation. For instance, a USB host enabled embedded device such as a digital camera can read/write a USB memory stick directly.

In October, 2006, eSOL released its leading embedded products for the latest DaVinci technology processor for digital cameras and the TMS320DM6446 processor, including the eBinder integrated development environment, PrKERNELv4 real time operating system, PrFILE2 file system, and PrUSB/Device USB peripheral driver. The addition of PrUSB/Host provides even more connectivity solutions.

PrUSB/Host for TI's DaVinci technology processor for digital cameras and TMS320DM6446 is now available.

About eSOL
Founded in 1975 in Tokyo, Japan, eSOL is a leading embedded software developer with core technologies in real time operating systems. We develop, market and sell proven RTOS suites, along with a rich set of vertical oriented middleware libraries. Our rugged software development tools provide optimal reliability in backing up the highly complicated development process for RTOS-based applications. We know that a reliable RTOS and development tools make a significant difference to the quality and timeliness of our customers' products in a continuously growing and competitive world market. Today, our customers - global OEMs and ODMs ranging from consumer electronics to automotive applications - ship millions of products with technologies pioneered by eSOL.
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eSOL is a member of the TI DSP Third Party Network, a worldwide organization of independent companies that offer products and services supporting TI DSPs. TI third parties provide expertise across a variety of applications, including audio, control, telecommunications, video and imaging and wireless communications. Third party products and services include a broad range of application software, development hardware and software, and consulting services that support original equipment manufacturers' efforts to bring differentiated products to the market quickly.
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