eSOL Releases eT-Kernel/Extended for i.MX31 Multimedia Applications Processor from Freescale

--- Memory-protected and process-model RTOS is ideal
for large-scale multimedia application development ---

Tokyo, Japan. April 14, 2008 - eSOL, a leading developer of realtime embedded software solutions, today announced immediate availability of the eT-Kernel/Extended realtime operating system (RTOS) coupled with the eBinder integrated development environment (IDE) for the i.MX31 multimedia applications processor from Freescale.

eT-Kernel/Extended supports a process model and memory protection with a memory management unit (MMU), and is based on the latest "T-Kernel/Standard Extension" specifications standardized by the T-Engine Forum. The memory-protected and process-model RTOS detects and prevents an executing process from accidentally destroying another process's memory area or kernel resource. eT-Kernel/Extended also offers a UNIX-like process management function using virtual addressing. Each component can be divided into a distinct process, independent of others. Development and debugging by process is perfect for a large team working on a large system that consists of multiple independent software modules, such as audio/video codecs, 2D/3D user interface engines, device drivers, firmware, middleware, and applications. eT-Kernel/Extended also offers a process for building upper-layer applications, and a system program for building kernel applications, including loadable drivers and middleware. This combination is best for a large team developing a large system because the entire system can be designed and developed in parts instead of one team working on everything. Additionally, a mixture of shared libraries and DLLs can be used from a process, making system configuration flexible while saving memory space.

Freescale's i.MX31 multimedia applications processors, based on the ARM11™ core, are high-performance mobile entertainment engines for the ultimate multimedia experience. The devices have a built-in Image Processing Unit (IPU) that includes the functionality required for image processing and display management. This includes deblock, dering, color space conversion, independent horizontal and vertical resizing, blending of graphics and video planes, and rotation in parallel to video decoding. The IPU accelerates loop deblocking for H.264 decode as well as encode. It is engineered to provide acceleration of image processing to deliver up to VGA 25 fps video quality.

In addition to eT-Kernel/Extended and eBinder, eSOL now offers the eCROS™ embedded software solution platform. It has been optimized for the i.MX31 processor and encompasses the leading RTOS suites and IDE with middleware software and professional services from eSOL. The eCROS platform is based on hundreds of man-years of know-how, and it is drop-in ready for the i.MX31 processor. This helps embedded developers jump-start their project with the quickest ramp-up time, so that the developers can focus more on differentiating factors such as application development, instead of porting system-level firmware. The eCROS platform also offers a compact and resource-efficient multitasking kernel, eT-Kernel/Compact, for those who need a thread-model RTOS instead of a process-model RTOS. Thus the eCROS solution is uniquely versatile.

"I am very pleased that eSOL now offers their industry-leading RTOS and tools optimized for our widely-deployed i.MX31 multimedia applications processor," said Tsuneji Inami, Director for Freescale-Japan. "A reliable software platform is one of the most important key ingredients and foundation for development of multimedia devices today and this superior solution from eSOL will certainly promise successful product development with the high-quality IDE and versatile RTOS for the i.MX31 processor."

"Embedded developers are facing more and more challenges today from the endlessly increasing scope of development for multimedia-centric consumer electronics," said Nobuyuki Ueyama, the Executive Vice President of eSOL Co., Ltd. "I am confident that the use of our eCROS platform on the i.MX31 processor will help increase the quality while reducing the development cost and time, harness the power of the processor, and get the development under control, on time and within the budget."

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