PrKERNELv4® from eSOL Supports
Faraday's ARMv4 ISA-based FA526 Processor

Tokyo, Japan. May 13, 2008 - eSOL, a leading developer of realtime embedded software solutions, today announced that its leading realtime operating system, PrKERNELv4, coupled with the integrated development environment eBinder, now supports Faraday's ARMv4 ISA-based FA526 processor.

Faraday, a leading ASIC and silicon IP provider based in Taiwan, is one of a few ARM™ ISA licensees, and its 32-bit RISC processor FA526, verified by ARM, complies with its ARMv4 instruction architecture. Targeting the embedded networking, PC peripheral, and multimedia SoC designs, the FA526 could in the worst case deliver 300MHz performance in 0.13um processing time, with minimal area and power consumption. Furthermore, Faraday will provide customers with customized intellectual properties, configurable SoC integrated simulation/timing models and verification environments to develop their competitive ASIC processors in a very short design cycle.

PrKERNELv4 has been adopted by leading world-brand consumer electronics OEMs, and provides compact and efficient µITRON implementation. It seamlessly integrates eSOL's flagship eBinder® IDE that offers the industry's leading ARM RealView® Compiler tool, along with comprehensive debugging and profiling tools to fine-tune embedded applications. eBinder uses insightful snapshots of PrKERNELv4 to help both firmware and application engineers easily identify glitches in programs and low-level drivers. eSOL also offers leading milddleware packages, ready to be used with PrKERNELv4, that includes FAT file systems, USB hosts and devices, TCP/IP protocol stacks, and much more. In addition, PEG, the industry's widely-used embedded graphic libraries from Swell Software, will be integrated with PrKERNELv4 and be available in the 2nd quarter of 2008. Furthermore, the eBinder IDE is supported by Signum System's JTAGjet JTAG emulator.

"I believe that this partnership with Faraday will bring tremendous engineering and business advantages to all the SoC vendors, system houses and IDMs throughout Asia in the embedded system industry", said Nobuyuki Ueyama, the Executive Vice President of eSOL Co., Ltd. "Here at eSOL, we have extensive experience working with SoC vendors and have provided the leading system houses and IDMs with the best of the breed RTOS suites. These include IDE for various ARM architectures, from ARM7 and ARM9 to the latest ARM11 MPCore. And, leading development tools and middleware packages from eSOL and the industry's other premier vendors such as Swell Software and Signum Systems will accelerate the development of next-generation embedded system products," he added.

"We are glad to establish the partnership with eSOL, which substantially enriches our FA CPU ecosystem to fulfill customers' demands on a professional integrated development environment - eBinder and the leading µITRON RTOS - PrKERNELv4", said Dr. George Hwang, Vice President of International Business at Faraday. "With this cooperation, it is expected that we will greatly expand our FA CPU SoC business in Japan, further extending it to other areas soon."

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About Faraday
Faraday Technology Corporation is a leading silicon IP and fabless ASIC vendor. The company's broad silicon IP portfolio includes Cell Library ,Memory Compiler, ARM-compliant CPUs, DDRII, MPEG4, H.264, USB 2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, Serial ATA, PCI Express, and UWB . With 2007 revenue of US$ 156 million, Faraday is one of the largest fabless ASIC companies in the Asia-Pacific region, and it also has a significant presence in other world-wide markets. Headquartered in Taiwan, Faraday has service and support offices around the world, including the U.S., Japan, Europe, and China. For more information, please visit:

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