Suzuki Musical Inst. MFG Selects eSOL's Middleware for its Professional Hammond Organ

Tokyo, Japan. July 7, 2008 - eSOL, a leading developer of realtime embedded software solutions, today announced that Suzuki Musical Inst. MFG has selected eSOL's PrFILE®2 FAT file system for the HAMMOND organ "XK-3c", designed for the professional musician.

The XK-3c uses the CompactFlash® memory card as its storage media for recording various setting information. PrFILE2 provides a reliable file system for writing and reading such setting data to/from the CompactFlash memory card.

This XK-3c Drawbar Organ follows in the footsteps of the Hammond B-3 and C-3, which have been favored by many musicians. In addition to packed features from B-3/C-3, Suzuki Musical Inst. MFG has added many of the most requested advanced features to this model. Hammond organs remain the perennial favorites of musicians, for their ability to produce subtle expressions in tone, and warm acoustic sound.

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Hammond Organ "XK-3c"

"We chose PrFILE2 because of its high credibility, proven by many OEM customers" said a sales representative of Suzuki Musical Inst. MFG. "With prompt and accurate support from eSOL's engineers, we were able to facilitate our development cycle."

"We are honored that Suzuki Musical Inst. has chosen PrFILE2 for its Hammond organ" said Nobuyuki Ueyama, the Executive Vice President of eSOL Co., Ltd. "PrFILE2 is a proven file system which supports a wide variety of media cards, such as CompactFlash. It boasts an impressive track record, not only in musical devices, but also in digital consumer electronics, automotive devices, and FA equipment. We continuously commit ourselves to support engineers who develop embedded software with our superior technologies and services."

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