eSOL Products Selected for the Newest Models of Photo Fine Player, the Multimedia Storage Viewer from Seiko Epson

Tokyo, Japan. September 29, 2008 - eSOL, a leading developer of real time embedded software solutions, announced today that its products were selected for the newest P-6000 and P-7000 models of Photo Fine Player, the multimedia storage viewer released from Seiko Epson Corporation. eSOL products have been used in previous models of Photo Fine Player, including P-5000 and P-3000. Because of the proven credibility and functionality of eSOL products, Seiko Epson decided to continue using these products with its newest models. For these newest models, four eSOL products were selected: PrKERNEL®v4 - the ?スITRON4.0-compliant real time operating system (RTOS), PrFILE®2 - the FAT file system, PrUSB®/Host - the USB host stack, and PrUSB®/Device - the USB device stack.

Photo Fine Player is a portable multimedia storage viewer with a high-capacity hard disk (HDD) and large LCD screen, and is ideal for professional and amateur photographers. With this Player, high-resolution still and moving images become mobile, enabling users to enjoy them with their friends and family anytime, anywhere. The display on the two new models introduces the 4-inch LCD, the Photo Fine Premia. It produces beautiful images even when viewed from an angle of 160 degrees from the top, bottom, left, or right, and covers 94% of the Adobe® RGB color gamut. Both viewers have USB display features that can be used as secondary displays within Adobe®PhotoShop®, to enable you to retouch images sequentially with high accuracy. The P-6000 sports 80GB of storage, and so does the P-7000 160GB. This allows you to store approximately 9,000 RAW files. For data import or data transport with other devices for backup to external storage, Photo Fine Player supports SDHC/SD memory cards, MMC, CF, Microdrive's memory card slots, and USB 2.0 host/device connections.

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P-7000 P-6000
Photo Fine Player [P-7000] Photo Fine Player [P-6000]

"A reliable and high-performing Real Time Operating System and middleware are essential to support the entire system of Photo Fine Player. We decided on continuous deployment of eSOL's PrKERNELv4 and middleware, which we believe will live up our expectations." said Eiji Tsubono, Firmware team leader of the product. "Since eSOL provided us with all the software, including PrKERNELv4 and middleware, well integrated and as a drop-in to our environment, we could immediately start the upper-level application development."

"We are very pleased that Seiko Epson continues to choose our RTOS and run-time software for their Photo Fine Player's newest models, P-6000 and P-7000," said Nobuyuki Ueyama, the Executive Vice President of eSOL Co., Ltd. "Our integrated platform solution eCROS brings modular software and tools together as an integrated platform solution, and we continuously commit ourselves to support software development for digital consumer electronics with our superior technologies and services."

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