eSOL Expands Its eCROS Integrated Software Platform Solutions to Texas Instruments' New TMS320DM365
Digital Media Processor

-- Offering deterministic RTOS for HD digital video devices --

Tokyo, Japan. April 9, 2009 - eSOL, a leading developer of real time embedded software solutions, announced today that eCROS, its complete software platform suite, is now available for Texas Instruments' (TI) new TMS320DM365 digital media processor based on DaVinci™ technology. eCROS seamlessly integrates a real time operating system (RTOS), middleware and development tools with professional services. The RTOS incorporated in eCROS is ideal for digital media applications. It boasts highest real-time performance and faster boot time to offer the best end-user experience, and its minimum memory requirement enables lower hardware costs. eCROS is an out-of-the-box software platform with optimal RTOS to help engineers jump-start their application development for HD-capable digital video devices on the DM365, including video doorbells and portable media players.

The ARM926EJ-S™-based DM365 features a video-processing subsystem (VPSS) that has built-in image signal processing (ISP) capabilities, including face detection and noise filtering. Additionally, royalty-free, production ready HD codec bundles, including H.264, help decrease design complexity for developers. The DM365 is provided in a single chip set along with other integrated peripherals such as EMAC and USB 2.0 Phy. DM365's distinctive video-processing capability is optimal for security cameras, portable media players and video doorbells that require HD quality. Engineers can leverage existing software programs for the TMS320DM3x line of digital media processors on the DM365.

eCROS encompasses compact implementations of highly deterministic RTOSes, including µITRON-compliant PrKERNELv4 (PrOS), middleware, and development tools with optional professional services. PrKERNELv4 offers a very small, optimized operating system to get the most out of the high-performance/low-powered DM365, which large-sized, feature-laden operating systems cannot accomplish. It consumes minimal memory size and achieves true deterministic real-time behavior, which is best suited for digital video devices with memory constraints and the highest real-time response demands. Along with PrKERNELv4, comprehensive line of middleware and best-in-class tools with solid supports are provided in eCROS, which remarkably simplifies overall system development and integration to allow engineers to fully focus their development resources on delivering a value-added application. Furthermore, a broad range of video codecs such as H.264 and MPEG-4 (optimized for eCROS from Ittiam Systems, which has a number of proven codec design wins on TI DaVinci-based digital media processors) are available, so that developers can choose the best codec for their design.

As a member of the TI Developer Network, eSOL has assisted world-class TI customers in high-level systems development by offering their eCROS solutions on DaVinci-based digital media processors including the DM3x, TMS320DM644x and TMS320DM646x lines of processors. As a TI Developer Network member, eSOL continuously offers integrated, validated and optimized support for software developers who use the DM365.

"eCROS solves the daunting complexity issues of today's demanding digital video systems' development by providing a single, integrated software platform" said Stephanie Evans, TI's DM3x marketing manager. "eSOL is a long-time TI Developer Network member providing proprietary embedded systems solutions to leading OEMs and ODMs. By accelerating DM365's intelligent video processing performance, eCROS will help OEMs and ODMs bring compelling products to market faster and at a lower cost."

"In order to fulfill the increasing demand of the digital video market, the system designs for HD capability and versatility are becoming more complex and larger" said Nobuyuki Ueyama, the Executive Vice President of eSOL Co., Ltd. "To address the growing software development volume, eCROS will help engineers reduce the overall system development process by providing out-of-the-box software platforms and codecs that leverage the TMS320DM365, so that they can concentrate on application development. We will continuously dedicate ourselves to support DM365 software developers by providing our DaVinci-based processor-experienced technology and expertise."

eCROS is available on a selected DM365 platform.

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