eSOL Now Providing Solutions for Automotive Navigation Systems Developed by BOSCH
Changing the Competitive Landscape with the Ideal Core Software Platform for Advanced In-Car Navigation Systems

Tokyo, Japan. July 16, 2009 - eSOL announced today that Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch), a leading supplier of in-car infotainment systems, has deployed the eCROS integrated software platform in its latest modular navigation head unit, which features up to 1,200 advanced functions. The Opel Insignia, which won the European Car of the Year 2009 Award, is the first vehicle equipped with Bosch's new modular infotainment system, which includes Opel's top-of-the line, feature-rich DVD 800 Navi. The infotainment system is set to be used in a variety of vehicles manufactured by General Motors and other leading automotive manufacturers on a global scale. The eCROS platform includes a multi-profiled, scalable real-time operating system (RTOS), middleware, and development tools, all of which have been seamlessly integrated and offered as a development platform and environment that facilitates collaborative development between system and application engineers via eSOL's unique approach to platform-based development solutions.

"The launch of this system marks the emergence of a new, robust RTOS standard and powerful IDE in the high-end car navigation development scene," said Nobuyuki Ueyama, the Executive Vice President of eSOL Co., Ltd. "We have a proven track record in audio-based infotainment and navigation systems for leading automotive manufacturers and tier-one suppliers, and we see this collaboration as a major milestone for our company."

eSOL's eT-Kernel RTOS --- while based on the open source T-Kernel RTOS defined by and available from T-Engine Forum --- has been highly optimized by eSOL. eSOL has also incorporated value-added features indispensable for navigation systems, including fast-boot technology for quick system boot-up even with very large applications, while keeping the overall footprint small and system overhead low. All of this know-how has been acquired through working with leading OEMs and ODMs, primarily in the field of consumer electronics and automobiles, whom eSOL has been licensing its RTOSes for decades.

A good example of the expandability made possible by eT-Kernel's building block architecture is a USB slot offered in the Bosch system that can be used to operate USB sticks, MP3 players, or an iPod. The underlying software --- some of which comes from eSOL and some from third parties --- was integrated easily into eT-Kernel. In addition, the infotainment system's powerful graphic software and processor has also been integrated into the RTOS in order to provide two- or three-dimensional map displays.

"I am extremely pleased that Bosch has successfully launched the DVD 800 Navi for the Opel Insignia, with more models to come from GM and others," said eSOL's Ueyama. "The eCROS integrated software platform outperforms the conventional large RTOSes that have been dominant in many of navigation systems to date. With our innovative leadership and this new collaboration with Bosch, eSOL will continue to play a leading role in the development of advanced navigation systems."

About eSOL
eSOL is a leading embedded software developer that enables customers to accelerate development of applications based on high-end embedded processors including multi-core. Our advanced, scalable, multi-profiled real-time operating systems are tightly integrated with development tools and middleware components to create flexible development platforms used by OEMs and ODMs worldwide in competitive vertical markets such as automotive, consumer electronics, industrial and medical equipment and aerospace. Founded in 1975, eSOL is based in Tokyo, Japan.
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About the eCROS Integrated Platform
The eCROS integrated platform is built upon eSOL?スs scalable eT-Kernel and PrKERNELv4 RTOSes, which are tightly integrated with the eBinder IDE and a wide selection of middleware components. eCROS helps OEMs and ODMs to quickly create flexible development platforms for their software product lines and enables them to improve time to market, cost, productivity, quality and other business drivers. Our eT-Kernel RTOSes -- based on the T-Kernel open source real-time operating system -- have been highly enhanced and optimized by eSOL and are available in multiple profiles ranging from basic eT-Kernel/Compact to enhanced eT-Kernel/Extended and eT-Kernel/POSIX, and even multi-core capable eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition and, most recently, with Memory Partitioning Option to support various application requirements.