eSOL's eCROS Real-Time OS-Based Software Platform Extends CPU Support to Freescale's i.MX25 Multimedia Applications Processors

Tokyo, Japan. February 8, 2012 - eSOL, a leading developer of real-time embedded software solutions, announced today that its eCROS real-time OS-based software platform now supports Freescale Semiconductor's i.MX25 multimedia applications processors based on ARM(TM) core. eCROS features the eT-Kernel/Compact real-time OS, which ensures fast real-time response and high reliability for i.MX25-based multimedia devices. eCROS has a proven track record in a variety of applications such as in-vehicle multimedia systems and aerospace systems, where superior real-time capabilities and reliability are required.

Freescale's i.MX25 processor integrates high-performance ARM926EJ-S running up to 400 MHz, making it an ideal multimedia applications processor for consumer and industrial devices that require large-scale data acquisition and high-level interactive processing through advanced technologies, such as touch panels. The processor delivers high performance that enables rich multimedia experience and low-power capabilities that offer longer battery life, and supports various types of communications standards and memory cards, focusing on the connectivity with other devices. The supported multimedia features include LCDs, touch screens, and CMOS sensors. The supported connectivity features include Ethernet, CAN, USB 2.0 OTG, USB 2.0 Host, MMC+, SD, and SDIO. Furthermore, supporting -20 to +70ºC and -40 to 85ºC operating temperatures, the processor can be used successfully in industrial applications in addition to consumer devices.

Along with the eT-Kernel/Compact real-time OS, eCROS for i.MX25 processors integrates development tools and middleware including a TCP/IP protocol stack and FAT file system together with an Ethernet driver and a SD memory card driver. eSOL also offers professional services to meet developers' various needs. By selecting eCROS for i.MX25 processors, software developers can concentrate on application developments that enhance its competitiveness without wasting resources in building a platform.

The eT-Kernel RTOS family consists of four scalable profiles including the eT-Kernel/Compact. All four profiles feature fast real-time response and a small memory footprint. eT-Kernel includes eT-Kernel/POSIX, a POSIX-compliant real-time OS, and eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition for multi-core processors in its product lineup. If developers change processors in the future in order to enhance functions or unify systems, they can select the appropriate OS from the eT-Kernel lineup, which enables them to meet new requirements and reuse software assets on the i.MX25 processors. The eBinder IDE is the eCROS integrated development environment specified for real-time systems development. With eBinder, developers can easily solve challenging issues unique to real-time systems, thus reducing their workload and improving development efficiency.

"eCROS is one of the most appropriate software platforms for our i.MX25 processors," said Hajime Iwase, (Manager of Networking and Multimedia System Group, Product Marketing, Freescale Semiconductor Japan Ltd.). "We are happy to hear that eSOL's T-Kernel-based software platform 'eCROS' has supported our i.MX25 processor. Particularly in Japan and Asia, µITRON has been widely adopted in various areas of embedded systems; therefore, an environment where the µITRON software assets can be reused is strongly desired. On the other hand, industrial application devices using the i.MX25 processor require real-time responsiveness. Based on the real-time OS 'eT-Kernel,' eCROS, Freescale technology can help meet both needs, making it one of the best-suited software platform for the i.MX25 processor."

"Freescale's i.MX25 Multimedia Application Processors are expected to be widely adopted, not only in consumer devices but also in industrial devices such as terminals and operation panels," said Nobuyuki Ueyama, Executive Vice President of eSOL. "The i.MX25 processors, together with eCROS, can achieve the highest level of quality and reliability required by industrial devices. In addition, eT-Kernel supports a variety of ARM cores, so we are well-prepared to support i.MX25 processors, which use a fast, power-efficient implementation of the ARM926EJ-S core."

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