T-Kernel/µITRON-based system development suite

eBinder for Power Architecture


Power Architecture™ is a high-performance processor ideal for telecommunication equipment used in the infrastructure. For their next-generation products, more and more OEMs are shifting from their legacy systems based on other CPU architectures to Power Architecture, mainly for performance reasons.

eBinder for Power Architecture provides everything developers need, from a real-time operating system, a thread-safe C/C++ library as well as middleware libraries, to integrated development environments including a GNU cross compiler, a source-level task-aware remote debugger, and performance analysis tools.

Operating environment

Target environment

CPUPowerQUICC II Pro (MPC83xx (603e Core))
CompilerSupports the following compiler:
  • GNU C/C++ compiler
BSPSupports the following boards:
  • MPC8349EMDS (with MPC8349)
    [Freescale Semiconductor]
  • The supported compiler and OS vary by BSP. Check the BSP list for details.
  • An unsupported or customized board can be supported by BSP customization. Contact us for details.

Host environment

OSWindows 2000
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or above
1GHz or more recommended
768MB or more recommended
Disk768MB or more free space
(More space may be necessary depending on cluster size)
Monitor resolution800 x 600, 256 colors
1024 x 768 or higher recommended
OthersCD-ROM drive
Pointing device such as a mouse
Interface to connect to a target (depends on selected debug port)
Serial port
  • Ethernet port