T-Kernel/µITRON-based system development suite

eBinder for SH


eBinder supports SH-3, SH-4 and SH-4A, both widely used in high-performance, low-power devices such as FA equipment, mobile phones, network devices, printers, and scanners. It strongly supports development of T-Kernel/uITRON-based software using SH core processors by eBinder's target platform and IDE on host side.

JTAG ICE option

As is always the case with typical embedded systems products, your final product may not have the luxury to add an extra debug port, but you still need to have more than a software debugger, especially if you need to debug programs in the flash memory of your products. In this case, eBinder's JTAG ICE option provides you with all the features provided by both eBinder and your JTAG ICE.

Compatible JTAG-ICE
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The compiler is included
eBinder for MIPS comes with the GNU compiler (including C++).

What is included

Development tools