1975 Established ERG Co., Ltd. on May 29.
Developed software Control System (currently Solution Engineering Division).
1979 Released on-vehicle printer for freight carriers “PS-1000 Series“ (nicknamed “Denputer“).


1984 Released real-time OS, “MKP 86“.
1986 The company's real-time OS, “MKP 86“, received the MITI's Excellent Information System Award.
1987 Released on-vehicle printer for carriers, “PS-2000 Series“.
1988 Set up the Oosaka branch office.
1989 Released on-vehicle printer for freight carriers, “PS-3000 Series“.


1991 Set up the Logistics System Division (currently Sensing Device Division).
Released on-vehicle printer for freight carriers, “PS-4000 Series“.
1994 Set up the Service center
Released handy terminal “Ganjo (Sturdy) Series“. Released Real-Time OS, “MKP68K“.
1995 Released handy terminal, “CanDY“.
1996 Released on-vehicle printer for freight carriers, “PS-5000 Series“.
The handy terminal “Ganjo“ certified as the country's first blast-proof product of its kind by the Ministry of Labor.
1997 Released real-time OS, “PrKERNEL“.
1998 Released real-time OS for automobile control, “PrOSEK“.
1999 Released “PS-6000 Series“, on-vehicle printer for freight carriers, which won the Good Design Award of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.


2001 Set up the Embedded Products Division.
Changed the company name from ERG Co., Ltd. to eSOL Co., Ltd. on May 1.
Released Integrated Development Environment for embedded software development, “eBinder“.
2002 Released extreme environment handy terminal, “BLIZZARD“.
2003 Moved our Head Office to Nakanosakaue.
2005 Released real-time OS, “eT-Kernel“.
2006 Released real-time OS for multi-core processors, “eT-Kernel MCE (Multi-Core Edition)“.
Released software development tool for Wi-Fi equipped handy terminal, “eSOL Emusen“.
2009 Released new extreme environment handy terminal, “eSOL Geminus Series“.


2011 Released AUTOSAR BSW auto-generation tools, “eSOL ECUSAR“.
2012 Released automotive diagnostics protocol stack supporting UDS, “eSOL Dr.CAN“, and ECU reprogramming module, “eSOL Dr.Repro“.
Developed real-time OS for many-core processors, “eMCOS“.
2013 Embarked on an effort to obtain ISO 26262 automotive / IEC 61508 industrial safety standard certifications for real-time operating system and IDE.
2014 Released software development kit for many-core processors, “eSOL eMCOS SDK“.
Developed environmental data management system for agriculture, “eSOL AGRInk Series“.
2015 Established eSOL TRINITY Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary.
Achieved ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL D) and IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL 4) Certification for "eT-Kernel".
2016 Established AUBASS CO., LTD., a joint venture with DENSO Corp. and NEC Communication Systems, Ltd..
Released application lifecycle management tool, "eWeaver".
2018 Changed the division name from "Logistics Engineering" to "Sensing Device".
Established a Subsidiary "eSOL Europe" in France.
Stock listing on TSE Mothers
2019 Moved listing from the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market to the First market