Product Overview
Comprehensive Software Solutions for Demanding Embedded and Edge Critical Applications
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eSOL’s Product Solutions for Embedded and Edge Computing

eSOL develops high-performance, scalable software platform products for the embedded systems and edge computing fields.
Centered around a unique RTOS technology, eSOL products are used and supported worldwide in diverse and demanding embedded applications. They are deployed in more than 100 million devices at leading automotive, industrial, medical and consumer electronics manufacturers.

RTOS & Hypervisor

eSOL provides two complementary RTOS platforms:
eMCOS® flagship RTOS and hypervisor platform is based on modern multikernel architecture, providing open standard POSIX and AUTOSAR compliant interfaces. Delivering optimum performance and scalability on heterogeneous multicore and manycore microprocessors, it also supports single-core MCUs and FPGAs.
eT-Kernel™ is a safe and proven RTOS based on the open-source T-Kernel RTOS it offers enhanced features and multicore support.

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Development Tools & Basic Middleware

eDEVS®/eBinder® is eSOL’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) optimized for the eMCOS and eT-Kernel RTOS platforms. It supports developing and certifying products that comply with, for example, ISO 26262 (Automotive) and IEC 61508 (Industrial) safety certifications.
It can be bundled with pre-integrated Arm compiler and C/C++ libraries, Arm FVP simulator and basic middleware like filesystems, network and USB software stacks to enable an immediate start to development, including debugging.

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Products optimized for the Japanese market

In addition to its regular embedded software platform products for global market, eSOL also offers products specifically tailored to and optimized for the use cases of Japanese customers.

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