Software-Factory-Ready, All-in-One Convenient Software Development Package
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One-Stop, All-in-One Software Development Kit

eMCOS® SDK provides developers of critical embedded systems with a convenient bundle integrating all necessary development software and support components. It includes a comprehensive C/C++ tool suite as well as the eMCOS POSIX multikernel scalable RTOS platform, middleware for robust and reliable transactional filesystem and secure TCP/IP networking, sample BSPs for Arm platforms, the eMCOS Hypervisor® add-on for real-time virtualization and other options.
eMCOS SDK also bundles one-stop standard product support and maintenance services for the use of the whole software package.

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Comprehensive Development Tool Suite

Combining a CMake-based build environment compatible with Eclipse or Visual Studio Code, the included eDEVS ® tool suite presents a powerful and commonly used IDE environment with rich features for debugging, tracing, and performance optimization. It is bundled with Arm’s original C and C++ compilers (standard or FuSa version) and thread-safe libraries, which makes ordering and development of critical applications even faster.
eDEVS is also designed to integrate seamlessly into a CI/CD toolchain. This enables the latest development environment and development style for Software-Factory, which are gaining prominence in the development of software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

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Safe Real-Time OS and Hypervisor

eMCOS SDK is centered around eMCOS POSIX, a safe and secure RTOS based on the scalable, high-performance multikernel architecture. It offers an extensive POSIX API and integrates some enhanced middleware for robust and reliable transactional filesystem and secure network communication, as well as sample BSPs for Arm platforms. With the eMCOS Hypervisor add-on, eMCOS SDK offers real-time virtualization of mixed-critical applications.
As further add-ons, full source code and functional safety package for ISO 26262 can be made available.

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Simplification of DevOps processes

The development of embedded software that must also take functional safety or mixed criticality into account is difficult - therefore we have simplified it.
eMCOS SDK integrates all the necessary graphical and command-line tools and runtime components, allowing both hands-on access and full CI/CD automated workflow.
It is covered by a single installation and license activation environment, which enables easy IT management with simple software license administration and quick development project starts.

Open Platform Solution

eMCOS POSIX provides a standard POSIX interface that simplifies the integration of existing OSS and commercial middleware, such as ROS/Autoware, AUTOSAR Adaptive or partner solutions.
Our experienced engineering services team is available for our customers' needs to complement their platform and integrate new functionality to eMCOS SDK.
With eMCOS Hypervisor, developers can further integrate complete Linux guest platforms while maintaining in parallel real-time application performance and integrity.

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