Enabling Advanced Medical Devices That are Safe, Secure and User Friendly
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Efficient, digital healthcare for all relies on the use of advanced technology for monitoring and treatment, both in healthcare centers and at home.
eSOL’s products are employed in a wide range of medical devices, from test equipment such as X-ray inspection systems to highly advanced surgical support robots. In addition, through its extensive expertise in developing mission-critical embedded systems, eSOL provides engineering services for the development of the next generation of medical devices.
eSOL's RTOS and hypervisor platform provide the foundation for new devices to optimise medical care and meet the appropriate safety and security standards. We offer the reliability, security and real-time performance required by modern medical equipment.

Stronger architecture for Safety and Security

Medical devices and their entire architecture must be characterized by field-proven safety and robustness. In medical technology, functional safety is the most urgent development task. It is achieved with a pre-certified RTOS based on a safe design and developed up to Class III according to the IEC 62304 standard.
Because devices are typically connected to an intranet or directly to the internet - safeguards both security and data privacy.

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Bringing Different Software Worlds Together

Typical requirements demand a great user experience combined with real-time performance, achieved by integrating software components from various platforms, such as Android or Linux user interfaces, fast network stacks, and the main real-time application. eSOL’s eMCOS® Hypervisor enables them to coexist, with their mixed criticalities, ensuring safety, secure separation, and real-time performance.

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Low Power for Mobile Devices

For devices implemented on low-power hardware eSOL RTOS ensures a small footprint and support fast wake-up times. Where the application is known to require multicore CPU hardware, eMCOS provides the most efficient performance on multicore hardware and can also selectively start and stop individual cores.

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Proven Long Term Support

Unlike open source based solutions, eSOL provides direct support as an original product provider. We have been working for decades for our customers to support, improve and extend our products. As industrial products have a very long lifetime, we also deliver our embedded software in source code and can provide specific long-term support and maintenance for the entire lifecycle.

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Data Storage

Because safe and secure data storage in embedded devices is more important than ever, we have implemented the best-in-class file system in our SDK. With this transactional file system, we protect critical system and user data from corruption, especially in systems where power failures can occur.

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