Transactional Filesystem
eMCOS® Transactional Filesystem an embedded fail-safe, POSIX-compliant, robust file system for edge computing.
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Designed by Tuxera

eMCOS Transactional Filesystem is based on the Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology in Tuxera’s Reliance Edge file system and has been specially optimized for the eMCOS RTOS platform and newest market requirements for edge computing. This filesystem was designed to capture and preserve decision-quality data with the deterministic behavior required by today’s autonomous systems.

Protect Critical Data

eMCOS Transactional Filesystem is a copy-on-write transactional file system, meaning live data is never overwritten. This makes the system extremely power fail-safe. True transactional architecture ensures complete metadata and file data integrity. It protects critical system and user data from corruption, especially for systems where power loss may occur.

Get Ultimate Performance

This filesystem provides substantially more rapid overall performance compared with alternatives. Tuxera’s general-purpose filesystem I/O testing showed that Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology delivers significantly higher performance in all read tests, as well as nearly all write tests.

Fast Mount Time

After power loss or a system crash, the system must recover rapidly to keep the data stream flowing. In these so-called "dirty" situations, there is no need to rely on replaying a journal or performing any other filesystem checks. This approach ensures your decision-quality data is safe, while mount times are lightning fast.

Control With Determinism

The pre-optimized transactional filesystem allows extraction of the highest possible performance from the non-volatile storage, while ensuring the system remains deterministic. With the flexibility to setup small and large partitions, the optimal setup can be created for your system to store your data safely.

Technical Data
Transactional design Never overwrites live data. Once data is written, it’s always in a determinate state.
Rapid recovery times Mounts quickly and consistently after unexpected shutdown/power loss
Supported block device drivers
  • eMMC
  • SD/MMC
Atomic writes Metadata never points to incorrect user data
eMCOS RTOS adaptions
  • Extended POSIX support
  • Extensive virtual filesystem (VFS) interface
  • Unix-style access rights
  • Symbolic link support
  • Very flexible block size

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