eSOL's RTOS Safety Packages support functional safety for automotive and industrial equipment
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Functional safety has become one of the most important elements in the development of software for automotive, industrial and medical applications. Therefore, developers need to design the safety functions of the system, then implement and build the corresponding development process to meet the defined safety requirements.

They also need to verify the history of their safety development process. eSOL helps developers comply with functional safety standards by providing a pre-certified RTOS-based solution. We provide appropriate safety packages to users of our RTOS platforms. These contain safety manuals and safety reports for the development of safe embedded systems to reduce the cost of conforming to the appropriate market standards for functional safety.

Safety Package
Safety Manual
  • Proper use of the RTOS
  • Hazard analysis and avoidance
  • RTOS updates

Safety Report
  • RTOS product description
  • Traceability information
  • Quality information
Safety Support (optional)
  • Consulting and professional services
  • Assistance for system certification

Using a pre-certified RTOS and its safety-related documents saves you proving the safety of the operating system, letting you focus on your own product development and value creation.


The safety package contains evidence and information about measures to ensure that the user's system complies with functional safety standards when using the RTOS.
The safety manuals contain information about the safety concept of the RTOS, measures for safety and validating this safety concept, and guidelines for using the RTOS from the point of view of its impact on system safety. The safety reports, on the other hand, contain the results of validation using the means specified in the safety manuals.
Optional support services for building processes and developing applications based on the information contained in the safety package are also available.

  • Guidelines for safe and appropriate application development when using the RTOS
  • Technical requirements for the design, implementation, and verification of security devices in application systems
  • eSOL product quality data for certification of application systems
  • Support for ISO 26262 (ASIL D)/IEC 61508 (SIL 4) compliance, based on eSOL's extensive knowledge and technical resources

eSOL development process certification

eSOL's product development processes are certified according to functional safety standards for automotive (ISO 26262) and industrial (IEC 61508). eSOL strives to continuously improve and maintain the quality and reliability of its software products and services. Therefore, eSOL is certified according to the international quality management system ISO 9001 and develops software on this basis. eSOL additionally adheres to an advanced quality management system (QMS) .

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