Arm Tech Symposia 2018 <Finished>

eSOL will be participating in Arm Tech Symposia 2018 in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

In this event, eSOL will showcase the following demonstrations:

  • - ROS on eMCOS for Autonomous Driving System
  • - eT-Kernel-based Cluster Meter

eMCOS is based on micro-kernel architecture for autonomous distributed cooperative systems,and supports heterogeneous multicore/many-core processors. It is an ideal software platform for safety critical and high demanding applications like Autonomous Driving. In this exhibition, we will demonstrate Localization and Path Planning with ROS running on eMCOS, and also on eT-Kernel-based cluster meter. eT-Kernel is a compact and robust TRON-based RTOS with a lot of proven histories in various industries.

An eSOL staff member will make a speech titled "Real-time OS solution for various platforms in Connected Cars, AI, and IoT" in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Seoul.

Event information

eSOL will participate in the following cities. Please visit the listed Arm website for free registration.

Date/Time Monday, October 22
Location Kerry Hotel Pudong
Date/Time Friday, October 26
Location The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Shenzhen China

Date/Time Thursday, November 1
Location Taipei Marriott Hotel

Date/Time Tuesday, November 13
Location InterContinental Seoul COEX, Harmony Ballroom (B1), Seoul, Korea

Date/Time Thursday, December 6
Location JP Tower Hall & Conference, Tokyo, Japan

  • The official Arm Tech Symposia 2018 Japan website will be launched soon.

Speech information

City/Date/Time Shanghai: Monday, Oct. 22, 4:50 PM-5:20 PM, Track B
Shenzhen: Friday, Oct. 26, 1:30 PM-2:00 PM, Track B
Taipei: Thursday, Nov.1, 3:00 PM-3:30 PM, Track A
Seoul: Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2:50 PM-3:20 PM, Track B
Title Real-time OS solution for various platforms in Connected Cars, AI, and IoT
AbstractThe increasing features for various systems in IoT and AI related fields, such as Connected Cars, has led to the  demand for versatile and standardized platform to support   diversified  hardware and software framework.
In this speech, eSOL will introduce eMCOS as the solution to meet such requirements.

As a Real-time OS, eMCOS can adopt to various frameworks. One example is eSOL collaboration with AUBASS Co.,Ltd., on AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive platform. This is expected to be the new standard platform for automotive development.

eMCOS also allows easy integration for other applications such as ROS / ROS2, NGinx, POCO C++ library and more.
Combined with other eMCOS features on safety, security, and hardware transparency makes eMCOS the ideal platform for a standardized, distributed system.