Arm Tech Symposia 2019 <Finished>

eSOL participated in Arm Tech Symposia 2019 in China, Taiwan, and Korea.

In this event, eSOL showcased the following demonstrations:

  • AUBIST Adaptive and Classic Platforms on Renesas R-Car H3 [Products of AUBASS]

Our demonstration depicted an unattended delivery system with autonomous driving vehicle using our AUTOSAR-compliant, AUBIST Adaptive Platform.

With security as the key concern for autonomous systems, AUBIST Adaptive Platform allows critical applications, such as driving control, to coexist in a safe and isolated state with non-critical MaaS/CaaS applications.

The integrated system can therefore operate safely, with the combination of centered ECUs meant for high performance computing and sensor / actuator control ECUs. 

Our solutions' points are below:
1) Combination of various automotive applications with different safety and security requirements can be developed as a single system
2) Flexibility for a variety of hardware configurations, including heterogeneous multicore and GPU, etc

In conjunction with the theme of our exhibition, we made a speech titled "High Performance, Power Efficient platform for MaaS / CaaS and Autonomous Driving" in Shanghai, Taipei, and Seoul.

Event information

eSOL participated in the following cities. Please visit the listed Arm website for free registration.

Date/Time Friday, October 25
Location The Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai

Date/Time Wednesday, November 6
Location Taipei Marriott Hotel

Date/Time Tuesday, November 12
Location InterContinental Seoul COEX, Harmony Ballroom (B1), Seoul, Korea

Speech information

City/Date/Time Shanghai: Friday, Oct. 25, 13:30-14:00, Track B
Taipei: Wednesday, Nov. 6, 15:00-15:30, Track B
Seoul: Tuesday, Nov. 12, 14:00-14:30, Track B
Title High Performance, Power Efficient platform for MaaS / CaaS and Autonomous Driving
AbstractConnected Vehicles and Automated Vehicles catering to increasingly complex MaaS / CaaS applications.

High-performance and Power Efficient platforms are required for heterogeneous computing, combining Many-core / Multi-core CPU, GPU, etc., which is the foundation of eSOL software platform.

We will also introduce our solution with Pelion IoT Platform for safety and security for Connected Vehicles.