Embedded World 2022

Embedded World 2022 will see eSOL (Hall 4, stand 417) exhibit under the banner of “Your RTOS and Hypervisor Platform for Critical Multicore, Embedded and Edge Applications”, showcasing three of its best-in-class technologies for the embedded market. We’ve been invited to present at the conference, and Rolland Dudemaine will deliver a session entitled “Embedded OS Trends: The Future of Automotive SW Partitioning in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles” on Thursday 23 June.

Visitors to our stand can find out how eMCOS Hypervisor delivers safe, secure virtualization alongside outstanding real-time performance and highly flexible software mixed-criticality partitioning across multiple applications.

Also on show will be the eMCOS POSIX high-performance, a scalable real-time operating system (RTOS) providing heterogenous multi/manycore support and increased portability with extensive POSIX API.

Finally, visitors can learn about Autoware/ROS on eMCOS – the only open standard framework available for AD/ADAS, delivering safe, real-time performance on multi/manycore.

Event information
Date: 21-23 June, 2022
Venue: NürnbergMesse, Nuremberg, Germany 
eSOL's stand: Hall 4, stand 4-417 (floor plan)
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Rolland's session at the embedded world conference 
Date/time: 23 June, 16:00-17:46
Title: Embedded OS Trends: The Future of Automotive SW Partitioning at Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Abstract: Software platforms are the new standard in the automotive industry: they cover new functions for connectivity (OTA, after-shipment subscriptions) and autonomous driving from L2+.
Modern software architectures are currently being used to realize these smart functionalities. The young guns are establishing software architectures based on modern cloud applications with CI development processes. But all previous functionalities for safe driving physics must also be taken into account. Nobody wants to see a restart of the powertrain or suspension function at 100km/h, or a temporary latency of the break-by-wire ECU when a child comes onto the road in front of them. Separately, nobody wants to see the message that you've been hacked and have to pay 2 bitcoins to get your car back.
Already established software frameworks are adapting to this trend, such as AUTOSAR Adaptive with its safe planned dynamics approach.
Future software platforms will be all about partitioning. Partitioning is about managing challenges such as mixed criticality, security and different software vendors. The tool for SW partitioning is virtualization through different concepts such as different hypervisor types, boot monitors and software containers.
This presentation will give a brief overview of all these virtualization technologies, explain when to use which, highlight the need for real-time hypervisors in future high performance computing ECUs and discuss an example of modern automotive software platform.

The event promises to be a great one and we welcome the opportunity to meet up with existing contacts – and making many new ones. We look forward to seeing you in NürnbergMesse!

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