Arm Tech Symposia 2023

eSOL will participate in Arm Tech Symposia 2023 held in Tokyo, Japan on November 9th.

Tomonori Kaneko, Technical Sales Director, eSOL’s Software Division, will deliver a presentation entitled “What is the architecture required for SDx (Software-Defined anything)?”.

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At our booth, we will showcase our demonstration of "ROS on eMCOS®", a ROS execution environment for embedded systems that applies eSOL’s eMCOS POSIX real-time OS (RTOS) to the Autoware ROS 2-based software stack, an open-source software specialized for autonomous driving. While Autoware is developed on the open-source Linux OS, replacing Linux with eMCOS delivers the high levels of real-time performance and reliability needed for commercial applications.

We look forward to seeing you at Arm Tech Symposia 2023!

Event information
Date: November 9, 2023
Venue: Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa, Japan
The official website of Arm Tech Symposia 2023 (Japanese)
Tomonori's session at the Arm Tech Symposia 2023
Date/time: November 9, 15:10-15:40
Title: What is the architecture required for SDx (Software-defined anything)?
Abstract: Efforts to apply SDx (Software-Defined anything) to all systems, including SDV/SDM (Software-defined Vehicle/Software-defined Mobility), are accelerating in various industries. This presentation will provide an overview of these trends and explain the software requirements for software-defined systems.