2015 Multicore Developers Conference <Finished>

Multicore Developers Conference

eSOL will participate in Multicore Devcon again this year.

Masaki Gondo, Software CTO at eSOL and Multicore Association SHIM Working Group chair, will make a speech titled "Evolution and Adoption of Industry Standards for Multicore Development" with Mr. Sven Brehmer, President/CEO, PolyCore Software.

eSOL has been actively carrying out research and development regarding multi-core/many-core software, and developed RTOS and development tools for different multi-core/many-core processors, including the world's first commercial many-core RTOS, eSOL eMCOS and software development kit for many-core processors, eSOL eMCOS SDK. It also developed SHIM specification compliant authoring tools with Nagoya University, and started to provide them as open source software.

Conference schedule

Date May 6-7, 2015
Venue Hyatt Regency Hotel, 5101 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, California


Date/Time Thursday, May 7, 2015, 15:45-16:10
Title [ME1438] Evolution and Adoption of Industry Standards for Multicore Development
Speaker Masaki Gondo
Software CTO and GM Technology Headquarters at eSOL and Multicore Association SHIM Working Group chair
Abstract This session provides an update on two popular industry standards from the Multicore Association. We will review the SHIM specification, which was publicly released this year, and provide an overview on its adoption by companies and research projects and explain the open source tools to generate SHIM XML. We will discuss the development of MCAPI Version 3 which is focusing on standardized subsets, zero-copy messaging, safety critical support, channel functionality and MCAPI beyond multicore. The group is looking at broadening the scope from closely distributed computing to also include IoT communications, which is, in essence, multicore communications and a natural progression.