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[Product News] eSOL's Functional Safety Certified RTOS Now Supports STMicroelectronics' Telemaco3P Automotive Application Processors

eSOL's functional safety certified real-time OS "eT-Kernel™" now supports ST's Telemaco3P secure telematics and connectivity processors. Conforming to the functional safety standard ISO 26262 ASIL D for automobiles, and with its abundant track record in the automotive field, eT-Kernel strongly supports the development of high-quality automotive solutions using Telemaco3P processors. 

Telemaco3P is a processor for telematics such as V2X (Vehicle to Everything) where high stability and real-timeliness are required, and has a secure communication interface.

eT-Kernel, having obtained product certifications under the ISO 26262 ASIL D and IEC 61508 SIL 4 functional safety standards, is widely used in applications such as automobiles, factory automations, and aerospace systems where high quality, real-timeliness, and low latency are required. 

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