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New Partner Solution Allows eSOL Customers to Harness the Full Programming Power of Rust

Embedded World 2022 
Hall 4, Stand 4-417

Paris and Tokyo, 21th June 2022 – eSOL has announced a new partner solution which will allow customers to exploit the full potential of the Rust programming language across a host of mission-critical and functional safety applications.

Ferrous Systems’ FuSa-certified Rust compiler, Ferrocene, supports eSOL’s acclaimed eMCOS RTOS platform for embedded applications with the very highest safety and performance requirements.

This is a key development given the rapid growth in the use of Rust, which has already implemented safety by design and is optimized for parallel processing, making it an ideal language for use with eSOL’s safe and highly scalable eMCOS platform.

Rust is a modern, high-integrity programming language, combining optimized memory safety with an unrivalled degree of control, and integrates well with existing C/C++ codebases.

Masaki Gondo, CTO and Senior Executive Vice President / Head of Software Division at eSOL explained: “This development creates an attractive combination of safety and performance on heterogeneous multi/manycore hardware. Rust is seeing burgeoning usage when compared with alternative languages, where workarounds are often needed for safety certifications of applications developed in those languages.

“eSOL’s eMCOS modern distributed multikernel RTOS architecture is an ideal system for Rust” said Florian Gilcher, Managing Director at Ferrous Systems. “It provides a safe real-time hypervisor for embedded applications with mixed criticality, and it also provides more freedom from interference (FFI) for more safety”.

This represents a further example of how eSOL is developing strategic partnerships with complementary providers to offer ever greater degrees of technical capability to our customers who span a broad range of sectors but who all aspire to programming excellence and optimal application safety.

Come and visit us at eSOL’s booth (Hall 4, stand 4-417) at the embedded world 2022 Exhibition & Conference, and discover how eSOL’s eMCOS scalable RTOS coupled with Ferrous Systems’ Ferrocene FuSa-certified Rust compiler can help you design safer and high-performance embedded systems.

About eSOL Co., Ltd
Founded in 1975 and listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE: 4420), eSOL is a leading global company in the fields of embedded systems and edge computing that seeks to contribute to a safer and better-connected society. eSOL's high-performance and scalable software platform products and first-class professional services, centered around its unique and patented eMCOS multikernel real-time operating system (RTOS) technology, are used worldwide in demanding embedded application fields which conform to stringent quality, safety and security standards. This includes automotive systems as well as industrial equipment, satellites, medical and digital consumer electronics. In addition to the research and development of its leading-edge products, and joint research with major manufacturers and universities, eSOL is actively engaged in AUTOSAR, Autoware and multi/many-core technology standardization activities. For more information, please visit:

* Autoware is an open source software built on ROS/ROS 2 for autonomous driving.
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About Ferrous Systems GmbH
Ferrous Systems was founded in 2018 to advance the commercial viability of the Rust programming language by providing commercial services and further development of the language. Founding members of Ferrous Systems have been fundamentally involved in the Rust project for over 7 years. Ferrous Systems’ primary business focus is embedded software development and tool development using the Rust programming language. Ferrous Systems is the largest software company worldwide focused on the Rust programming language. Ferrous Systems started the Ferrocene project and is focused on providing toolchains and tools to Rust users that enable them to build safety-critical and security-critical software in Rust. This includes toolchains with long term support, qualification packages, and tools for securing Rust software.

For further information on Ferrocene, visit

*Rust is a registered trademark of the Rust Foundation.
*Ferrocene is a registered trademark of Ferrous Systems GmbH.

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