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Mitsubishi Electric Selects eSOL’s Real-time OS and IDE for its MELSEC-Q Series C Language Controller

Ensures Real-Time Capability and Reliability in Factory Automation and Industrial Systems

Tokyo, Japan. May 9, 2014 –eSOL, a leading developer of real-time embedded software solutions, announced today that Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has adopted eSOL's eT-Kernel real-time OS-based software platform for use in Mitsubishi's Q24DHCCPU-LS C Language Controller. eSOL's eT-Kernel Platform ensures fast real-time performance and high reliability in factory automation (FA) systems using the Q24DHCCPU-LS controller. The eT-Kernel Platform enables developers to reuse software assets developed for µITRON, the most popular real-time OS in Japan and other Asian countries.

The Q24DHCCPU-LS C Language Controller—one of Mitsubishi's MELSEC-Q high-speed, high-performance programmable logic controllers (PLCs)—enables the use of widely available C language software assets. eSOL's eT-Kernel/Compact real-time OS can be installed on the MPU that is dedicated to the user's program. Each Q24DHCCPU-LS controller also features Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB connectors, an SD card slot, and a PCI Express® expansion connector for high-speed communication with higher-level systems or handling large amounts of data. The MELSEC-Q controllers are designed and manufactured to perform well in harsh FA and industrial environments.

eSOL's eT-Kernel Platform has been adopted in a wide variety of embedded systems including FA, industrial, in-vehicle, and consumer devices. The eT-Kernel Platform features the eT-Kernel real-time OS, together with the eBinder Integrated Development Environment (IDE), middleware components—including file systems, network protocols, USB stacks and graphics tools—and professional services. The eT-Kernel offers three scalable profiles to choose from, depending on system size and purpose—among them a compact RTOS with real-time capabilities and a POSIX-compliant RTOS with high Linux compatibility. eSOL's eBinder IDE streamlines eT-Kernel-based application development while ensuring high quality.

"We are pleased to announce that Mitsubishi Electric selected our eT-Kernel Platform for their Q24DHCCPU-LS C Language Controller," said Hiroaki Kamikura, General Manager of the Embedded Products Division, eSOL. "The eT-Kernel Platform enables software developers using Q24DHCCPU-LS to efficiently develop high-quality software in a short period of time at low cost. Our eT-Kernel Platform has been adopted in aerospace systems, FA and industrial equipment, car navigation systems, and consumer products worldwide."

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