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eSOL Supports Developers to Comply with IEC 61508 Industrial Safety Standard

Certified eT-Kernel RTOS and eBinder IDE Will Reduce the Cost

Tokyo, Japan. January 9, 2015 –eSOL, a leading developer of real-time embedded software solutions, today announced that they will offer the eT-Kernel Platform Industrial Safety Package to users of the eT-Kernel real-time operating system (RTOS) platform to facilitate the process of conformance to the IEC61508 industrial safety standard. eSOL expects to obtain third-party IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3) certification for the eT-Kernel RTOS and eBinder integrated development environment (IDE), which is a core part of the eT-Kernel Platform. The eT-Kernel Platform Industrial Safety Package consists of documents, including safety manuals and reports, that are required to apply for the IEC 61508 certification by industrial equipment manufacturers developing chemical plants, transport vehicles, robots and such. Thus the eT-Kernel Platform Industrial Safety Package will contribute to reducing costs for complying with ICE 61508 certification.

The multi-profiled eT-Kernel RTOS is compliant with POSIX, uITRON, and T-Kernel. Its tightly integrated eBinder IDE, designed specifically for developing RTOS-based software, enables efficient development of quality real-time applications. The eT-Kernel Platform has been selected worldwide for various products, including factory automation, industrial, automotive and consumer devices. Its proven reliability and fast real-time performance ensures meeting the IEC 61508 safety requirements.

The eT-Kernel Platform Safety Package will be available in the following versions:

  • eT-Kernel Platform Industrial Safety Package (IEC61508)
  • eT-Kernel Platform Automotive Safety Package (ISO26262)
  • eT-Kernel Medical Safety Package* (IEC 62304)
* expected to be released in 2015

Besides the eT-Kernel Platform Industrial Safety Package, eSOL provides a comprehensive solution for the IEC61508 conformance process. eSOL offers professional services consisting of customization and consulting services that include process improvement and architecture analysis. eSOL’s professional services are based on its deep knowledge and advanced engineering resources, which help meet various onsite needs for IEC 61508 conformance activity.

eSOL values our efforts to maintain and improve the quality and reliability in our own software products and services. eSOL received the ISO9001 international quality management system certification in August 2006. eSOL has continued software development based on ISO9001 and our own quality management system (QMS). Software developers can incorporate the high quality of eSOL’s products and services into their systems such as factory automation, industrial, automotive, and medical devices.

“More and more domestic industrial equipment manufacturers consider introducing the IEC 61508 formulated in Europe,” said Hiroaki Kamikura, General Manager of the Embedded Products Division, eSOL. “The eT-Kernel Platform Industrial Safety Package will help these manufacturers to conform to the functional safety standards at less cost. We have strength in our wide experience and deep knowledge accumulated in this field. eSOL is committed to comprehensively back up a variety of activities including process building, products development, audit and assessment to conform to the functional regulations.”

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