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eSOL Becomes a Premium Partner in AUTOSAR

Contributes to the AUTOSAR Specification Development with its Proven Expertise in Automotive Real-time Operating System Platforms

Tokyo, Japan. April 19, 2016
–eSOL, a leading developer of real-time embedded software solutions, announced today that it has become a Premium Partner in the AUTOSAR development partnership that standardizes automotive software platforms. Through its activities in AUTOSAR, eSOL is committed to offer its extensive expertise and insights in automotive software platforms for the development of the AUTOSAR specification, and to reflect the latest specifications in its own software products.

Launched in 2003, AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System Architecture) is a worldwide development partnership that develops the industry standard for automotive electronic control units (ECUs) including software architecture, application interfaces, and a methodology to manage the growing system complexity. There are more than 190 participants, consisting of car manufacturers, suppliers, and other companies from the electronics, semiconductor, and software industries. European car manufacturers have already introduced many vehicles with AUTOSAR-compliant ECUs into the marketplace, and Japan and other areas are expected to follow soon. Now the AUTOSAR partnership is proceeding to the next-generation specification, the Adaptive Platform, to cover new and future systems such as autonomous driving, the connected car, and the advanced drivers’ assistance systems (ADAS).

As a Premium Partner, eSOL will contribute to future AUTOSAR specifications with its software platform technology and knowledge achieved through a variety of joint development projects in both automotive control and infotainment systems, with domestic and overseas car manufacturers and ECU suppliers. eSOL’s real-time operating system (RTOS) lineup embodies its advanced platform expertise. The eMCOS scalable RTOS has been used in research and development of autonomous-driving cars, and the eT-Kernel RTOS has been adopted in many ADAS and infotainment systems.

eSOL will also contribute to the global standard technology and advancements for car manufacturers and suppliers in Japan and other areas by aligning with the up-to-date directions and roadmap of AUTOSAR, and incorporating the latest specifications into its software platform products and services.

“AUTOSAR is expanding into a new stage in alignment with information and communication technology,” said Masaki Gondo, Software CTO and GM of Technology at eSOL. “Along with the continuous evolution of automobiles, conventional ECUs are required to connect with autonomous-driving functions, ADAS, and various systems outside of the vehicle. eSOL has expertise and experience in both non-AUTOSAR infotainment systems based on our eMCOS and eT-Kernel RTOSes, and AUTOSAR-based control systems. We take advantage of our strength to contribute to the industry standard in light of developers’ needs, and accelerate our product development reflecting the latest specifications.”

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eSOL is a leading embedded software developer that enables customers to accelerate the development of applications based on high-end embedded processors, including multi-core. eSOL’s advanced, scalable, and multi-profiled real-time operating systems are tightly integrated with development tools and middleware components to create flexible development platforms used by OEMs and ODMs worldwide in competitive vertical markets such as automotive, consumer electronics, industrial and medical equipment, and aerospace. Founded in 1975, eSOL is based in Tokyo, Japan.
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