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eSOL's eT-Kernel Real-Time OS Platform Now Available for Renesas' RZ/A MPU Series

Ensures Fast Real-Time Capabilities and High System Reliability

Tokyo, Japan, June 20, 2013 – eSOL, a leading developer of real-time embedded software solutions, today announced that the eT-Kernel Real-Time OS Platform now supports Renesas' ARM® Cortex™-A9-based RZ/A series microprocessor units (MPU). The RZ/A series MPUs combine ARM cores with Renesas' unique technologies to offer high performance and low power consumption. The eT-Kernel Platform has enabled software developers to add real-time capabilities and high reliability to the RZ/A series MPU-based systems more rapidly and at lower cost across automotive, factory automation (FA), industrial, and consumer device applications.

RZ/A series MPUs are equipped with advanced graphic features including support for high-resolution WXGA (1280x768) wide-screen displays and a 2D graphic accelerator to offer easily-built rich human-machine interfaces (HMI). They are ideal for graphic display applications from in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, display panels for FA and industrial use, and surveillance cameras to audio devices with visual displays. The integrated large-capacity internal RAM enables high-speed memory access and reduces system cost while the integrated ARM Cortex-A9 core provides high performance with low power consumption.

The eT-Kernel Platform integrates the eT-Kernel real-time OS with eBinder Integrated Development Environment (IDE), middleware components including graphics, file systems, network protocols, USB stacks, and professional services. The eT-Kernel consists of three scalable profiles to choose from depending on system size and purpose, including the small-footprint eT-Kernel/Compact and eT-Kernel/POSIX with high Linux compatibility. Developers can easily reuse Linux software assets on eT-Kernel Platform and develop their systems efficiently by leveraging the eBinder IDE tool set.

Besides the RZ/A MPU series, eT-Kernel Platform supports Renesas' other CPUs including the R-Car series, R-Mobile series, and SuperH family. eSOL is a member of the Alliance Partner, the SoC Partner Program, the R-Car Consortium, and the R-Mobile Consortium hosted by Renesas. eSOL is committed to providing strong support to RZ/A-based software developers based on its years of close partnership with Renesas.

“Recent information devices with a display require higher performance and lower power consumption,” said Hiroaki Kamikura, General Manager of the Embedded Products Division, eSOL. “HMI-focused RZ/A series MPUs can meet such requirements by integrating the ARM Cortex-A9 core and Renesas’ unique technologies. Their large-capacity internal RAM also yields advantages of high-speed memory access and reduction of component counts. We will strongly backup the RZ/A-based system developers by providing the eT-Kernel Platform to ensure fast real-time response and high reliability, which has a proven track record in a wide range of applications including in-vehicle infotainment and industrial systems.”

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