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IDEs optimized for eSOL’s RTOS SDK suites

Our real-time operation systems SDKs are bundled with middleware and a dedicated IDE completes these SDK suites. You can choose SDK suites for any member of our scalable RTOS family.

New eDEVS® IDE for the eMCOS® RTOS platform
  • eMCOS is a scalable real-time OS with the highest multicore performance and POSIX interface
  • Our latest IDE optimized for our eMCOS RTOS platform, eDEVS, is an evolution of our proven eBinder® IDE.
    eDEVS is designed to be seamlessly integrated as part of CI/CD tool chain. This allows your development team to follow the latest development paradigms without wasting a lot of time configuring the toolchain, making unpleasant compromises, or having to use cumbersome workarounds for your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Easily extendable
    In addition, we also provide standard interfaces such as GDB to other very common and widely used tools. This makes developing and CI/CD processes easy and seamless.
Proven eBinder IDE for the eT-Kernel™ RTOS platform:
  • eT-Kernel is an extended and commercial version of T-Kernel OS specification
  • With a long track record of success and continuous improvement since 2001, it is equipped with our toolchain with debuggers, tracing and profiling tools, and easy source code management.

Spend more time with your application

Development tools are not an end in themselves but should give you more time to develop the customer value of your product. Reduce your production costs through more parallel and, therefore, faster code. Optimized applications improve performance and reduce the required memory. Decide whether you want to get the maximum performance out of your existing hardware or reduce your processor and memory costs for the same performance.

Improve development productivity

All essential development tools are pre-integrated in a complete and RTOS-tested package and can be used immediately without wasting time. E.g., for our multikernel RTOS eMCOS:

  • IDE pre-integrates all essential development tools (eSOL proprietary and open source tools)
  • Bundled with genuine Arm Compiler & C/C++ libraries as standard and functional safety pre-certified variant

Functional Safety

Our IDEs are already used both by customers and internally at eSOL’s product development and engineering services. The same IDEs are used to achieve and maintain our RTOS pre-certification for functional safety like ISO 26262 ASIL-D or ICE 61508 SIL3 and related customer projects. As a result, this tool package also serves your mixed-criticality application.

Our IDEs focus on the following development tasks

Project Management:

Keep track of complex systems from the application layer down to the hardware abstraction layer (HAL).


Find errors in source code or the causes of indeterministic behavior in your hardware, e.g., due to race conditions.

Application profiling:

Find common bottlenecks caused by inefficient and/or non-parallel application design.

System profiling:

Monitor thread/task state changes and messaging as well as thread/task migration between CPU cores to eliminate bottlenecks caused by inter-process communication (IPC) between different cores, which drastically reduces system performance in multi/manycore hardware.

Target system optimization:

System creation: Create a complete bootable SW image including IPL and a file system emulation that allows a fast development to start on the target hardware before the appropriate memory drivers are available.
Optimized communication: The eSOL RTOS target daemons enable extensive communication between the development PC and the software on the target system. As a result, they always maintain control when the application runs on the final hardware.

Prevention of problems:

Coding conventions prevent overly complex source code from leading to instabilities or errors.
Our standards were chosen based on the highest functional safety and compatibility:

  • eMCOS POSIX and bundled Arm Compilers support C99C++11, and C++14, which means the user application can use these languages.
  • eMCOS RTOS uses only C
Coding Guidelines:
  • Our source code is automatically checked at each release
  • MISRA C:2012 (total of 159 guidelines: 143 rules and 16 directives)
  • MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1 (+14 rules)
  • SEI CERT C for secure coding

eSOL SDK, IDE training and consulting services will accelerate your learning curve so that your projects can take off as soon as possible

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